Suggestions For Humane Control Of Animal Pests On Your Property

28 January 2019
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If you have a problem with raccoons or other animals on your property, you face the problem of how to get rid of them so they don't destroy your attic or spread diseases. Even if you're an animal lover, you don't want wild animals in your house or around your kids and pets. However, you may not want to kill the animal pests either. The solution could be to hire a humane animal control expert to help you deal with the problem in a way that doesn't harm the animals. Read More 

Mistakes to Avoid When You Discover Your Home Has Bed Bugs

8 October 2018
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After waking up to a few bites on your arm, you may have started to look at the corners of your bed only to discover the bites were caused by bed bugs. While your first impulse will be to start taking immediate action, make sure you avoid the mistakes below after discovering that your home has bed bugs. Start Throwing out Your Furniture One of the first things you may be tempted to do when you find bed bugs in your house is to start throwing out your furniture, especially your beds. Read More 

Protecting Your Home: Essential Info On Little-Known Diseases Rodents Carry

8 August 2018
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Many of us grew up on cute images of mice in cartoons and movies, but the reality is quite different. Having mice or rats in your home is not simply an annoyance or inconvenience. Rodents can be dangerous to you and your family's health because they often expose humans to disease. Here is a look at three lesser-known health problems these small animals can spread if they are left unchecked Read More 

On the Hunt for Mosquitoes: How to Trap, Kill, and Eliminate These Pests

27 October 2016
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Mid-Westerners joke that their state bird is the mosquito. Some Mid-Western states have made this pest their state bug, too. While it is all tongue-in-cheek, the fact remains that mosquitoes carry some of the world's most deadly and dangerous diseases, including the recent outbreak of the Zika virus. If you want to hunt down these pests, you could always hire residential mosquito control, or you could do it yourself. Here is how to prevent, trap, kill, and eliminate these bloodsucking, disease-carrying pests. Read More 

Preparing Your Apartment For Cockroach Extermination

26 July 2016
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If you have a cockroach problem in your apartment, there is a good chance your entire building has a cockroach problem. You can set up roach traps and bait, and you may use over-the-counter spray to kill roaches on site. Unfortunately, this may only keep the problem at bay. Roaches breed quickly and produce dozens of eggs at once, so it's nearly impossible to keep the infestation in a single apartment. Read More