Mold Growth Around Windows – What Is Causing It?

20 August 2015
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Have you noticed mold growth around a window or two? This mold growth should never be ignored. It can cause you to feel ill and even be toxic for you to breathe. So, what is causing the mold growth around the window and what can you do to put a stop to it?

Find the Cause

There could be several things contributing to the mold growth around your window. It could be caused by a leaking roof, leaking window frame or by window condensation dripping down the window into the walls around it.

Climb into the attic to inspect the underside of the roofing above the window. Look for dark areas of wood. If you notice this, the roof is likely leaking and needs repaired.

If that isn't the issue, there are two issues that could be causing the problem – condensation and window leaks. How often do you see condensation building up on that window? If it occurs more than a few times each month, the condensation is likely the problem. If you never notice condensation, the window likely needs to be repaired or replaced.

Stop the Moisture

Okay, so you think that the mold is being caused by the condensation. What can you do to stop window condensation to stop the mold growth and water damage? Lower the interior humidity levels.

During the humid summer months, run a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture from the air. If you use a humidifier during the dry winter months, decrease how often you use it or find one that releases cool moist air instead of warm.

Circulate the air in the room using fans. Keeping the warm, moist air moving will help to keep it from settling on your windows and causing condensation.

Open your drapes. The sun can help to maintain the temperature of the window so that it doesn't drastically differ from the temperatures outside. This will decrease the amount of condensation that forms on the window.

During the summer, keep the interior temperatures a little higher. If your interior temperatures are cooling the window's surface to a much lower temperature than the exterior temperatures, condensation will form. Same goes for winter – lower the heat to minimize the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the glass.

Limit the number of houseplants that you have. These plants are great for producing clean air, but they also produce moisture that can contribute to the moisture problems on your windows.

Remove the Mold

Once you have found the problem causing the mold to grow, contact a local mold removal company, like AK Pest Control CVA. Inc., to inspect and remove the mold. If you attempt to clean the mold yourself, you could miss mold that has grown beyond the immediate area and overlook a problem that is secretly growing in other areas of your home.

If you cannot find the cause of the mold growth, your local mold removal specialist will be able to assist with finding the cause and providing you with a solid solution.