An Electric Rodent Trap Makes It Easier To Get Rid Of Mice And Rats

28 August 2015
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If your home is suddenly overrun with mice and rats, your first step should be to call in a professional exterminator. It's very difficult to get rid of rodents once they become established. A pest control company will help you come up with a plan for killing or trapping the rodents you already have and blocking new ones from getting in your home. To speed the process along, you can set traps yourself too. However, if you are like a lot of people and can't bring yourself to set or empty a rodent trap, then you should try an electric tap instead. This is why an electric trap is ideal for getting rid of mice and rats.

Easy To Set

Setting a snap trap is nerve-wracking. It can even be dangerous. A big rat trap could give your hand a serious injury if you got your fingers caught in it. One of the big benefits of using an electric trap is it's not stressful at all to set up. The trap is shaped like a tunnel. It has an electric plate at the far end, so there is no danger of you touching it. You simply drop some food in the tunnel, tilt it so the food slides past the plate, and then set the trap on the floor. Once it's in place, you just depress the button on top and the trap is activated and ready to catch a mouse.

Humane For The Rodents

You probably hate rats and mice in your house, but you may also find it upsetting to have to kill them in a way that causes them to suffer. The good thing about an electric trap is it kills rodents immediately with an electrical shock. They don't have to linger in the trap for hours or days and suffer until they die. Although you may hate the idea of killing an animal, at least you can feel better knowing you did it in a humane way.

Easy To Dispose Of Kills

Another benefit of an electric tunnel trap is how easy it is to dispose of a dead rodent. You don't even have to look at the rat or mouse. If you glance at the tunnel opening, all you see is a tail sticking out. There is also an indicator light on top of the tunnel that lets you know the plate was tripped. Just pick up the tunnel and tip it over your garbage can and the rodent will slide into the trash. That is far better than prying open a rat trap to dispose of a dead body so you can use the trap again.

While dealing with a rodent infestation is never a pleasant thing, at least it is easier to do it with an electric trap. However, if you are too squeamish about rodents, even an electric trap may be too much for you to handle. In that case, you can let a pest control company do all the work. An exterminator like Hadley Termite & Pest Control Inc will set the traps, check them, and empty them on a regular basis until the rodents are cleared from your home.