What Are Some Natural Ways To Control Termites?

29 August 2015
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Termites are pesky little brown insects that invade your home and go straight for areas of wood, from the lumber stacks you were saving for firewood, to your wood deck or home's structure. If you don't want to use harsh chemicals to kill them, the following natural remedies will help you to control them.

Use Essential Oils

Some essential oils can deter termites if they smell the oils, while other oils actually kill termites on contact. One good essential oil to try is orange oil. This is typically the best oil because it is easy to find. Place a few drops of essential oil in areas of deadwood where you have seen the termites. It contains a compound called d-limonene, which is known to kill termites. If the oil enters the wood where colonies are, it will kill them on contact. If you can find it, Asian neem oil is also effective at killing termites. It works the same way as orange oil, though it might take a little longer for the termites to ingest it.

Encourage Natural Predators

It is also a good idea to have some of the termites' natural predators in your yard, which will kill them and control their invasion for you. Some of their predators are harmless to you and your home, so it is better to have them around than the termites. One good option is worms. Many worms live in your soil and will feed on the larvae of termites to kill them before the larvae turns into full-grown termites. This will help to keep down the population. Worms are harmless, so never kill them if you see them in your yard.

Kill Them With Borax

Borax is a natural product used for many insects and pests, including termites. It is made from a natural element called boron and comes in either a liquid or powder form. The powder is best when trying to control termites around your home. You don't need to do much other than sprinkle this powder around your home, focusing on areas where you have seen signs of termites. Sprinkle it around any cardboard or wooded areas of your home and property. Termites will step in the powder and bring it back to their colony, where it kills the entire colony.

Trim Your Trees

Finally, take some time trimming trees around your property. Termites are attracted to homes that don't get a lot of sunlight, as they prefer dark places. If you have trees that overgrown and blocking sunlight, trim them so you get adequate amount of sun in your yard and around your home. This will deter a good number of them.

If you're not able to beat the termite infestation with these methods, contact an exterminator, like E & R Exterminating Company, Inc.