Signs That Your Home Has A Carpenter Ant Problem

28 September 2015
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It is important to make sure that you are getting help with an infestation of carpenter ants. Of course, you need to know just what to look for in order to determine if this is indeed the problem that you are having. Take a few moments to review the following signs of a carpenter ant infestation so that you will know that it is time to take immediate action.

You Hear Rustling Noises Inside Wood Work

While carpenter ants do not eat the wood in your home, the do burrow through it. Therefore, you might hear some rustling noises inside of the wood in your home if you listen carefully. This might be able to be heard the easiest at night when the house is completely silent and there is not as much activity going on outside.

You See Wood Shavings In Your House

If you find small piles of wood shavings along your baseboards, trim work, wood mantles, or anything else in your house that is exposed wood, you may very well have an infestation of carpenter ants. The wood shavings is the wood bits that the carpenter ants have kicked out of their way as they make tunnels throughout the wood in your home.

Dead Insects Outside Of Small Holes In Your Wood

The carpenter ants may leave insect carcasses outside of the opening of their wood tunnels. Therefore, should you find yourself noticing a few of those, you will want to call for immediate help. The last thing you want to do is to find yourself continuously cleaning up dead bugs while the carpenter ants destroy all of the wood in your home.

You Spot A Winged Ant In Your Home

Coming across a winged ant outside in your yard is one thing. However, spotting one coming out of a crevice in your home is something completely different. Where there is one, there is likely to be many more. Since a carpenter ant infestation can quickly grow into the thousands, it is vital that you are calling for pest control services as quickly as possible.

With the previously mentioned signs in mind, you should have no trouble determining whether you have a carpenter ant infestation. If you do believe that you are dealing with just that, you will want to call a local pest control company as soon as possible (like Desert Pest Control). They will further inspect your home, confirm the suspicion of a carpenter ant infestation, and go over a plan of action with you so that those little insects can be removed from your home.