Gnats: Can You Get Rid Of Them?

12 May 2016
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When it comes to pests, you may not rank gnats as a big problem. Still, a swarm of gnats can ruin a barbecue and other outdoor activities. They can even follow you inside, congregating around your floor lamps or ceiling fixtures. In some instances, they also carry disease. Instead of swatting at the nearly invisible insects and scratching their painful bites, you can take steps to get rid of them.


The small fly-like creatures that you identify as gnats are probably one of several species. They may be fungus gnats that live in potted plant soil. These pests often hang out by your windows and come inside when the plants do in the fall. Fruit flies look a great deal like fungus gnats and are attracted by overly ripe vegetables and fruit. One other option is the Phorid Fly, a small insect with a clumsy walk. You usually spot them at night when they are attracted by a nearby sewer problem. 


You may just think these gnats or flies are annoying. They swarm near your mouth and eyes and bite your skin. Their bites can be worse than those given by a mosquito. Gnats actually suck more of your blood than mosquitoes do. Gnats can bite your eyes, which can cause serious issues. You need to seek medical attention if you suffer such a bite. Various varieties of these "small flies" can cause different viruses, including the Chandipura virus, a relative of rabies. Assuming your infestation is no big deal is a mistake. 


You can try DIY remedies such as mixing apple cider vinegar with a bit of dish soap. Other people swear by the effectiveness of leftover red wine left out in a jar. However, if you have a big problem, you should call in the professionals. Your local pest control service can evaluate your infestation and suggest the best control methods for your home and your yard. In some cases, careful application of pesticides may be necessary.

If you are being plagued by gnats or other small flies, you should take steps to control their population. They can ruin your outdoor gatherings and make the inside of your home uncomfortable as well. In some instances, they are a health hazard. Don't spend your time swatting and scratching. Consult with your pest control expert so you can get these creatures off of your property and out of your life.