Make Sure You Aren't Attracting Termites To Your Home

6 July 2016
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Termite extermination can serve as an excellent way to eliminate a termite infestation. However, how true this statement is has everything to do with you. There are a number of seemingly harmless practices that homeowners do that are only attracting termites to their home. If you are engaging in these practices, the efforts of any extermination treatment will be less than successful.   

Moisture Protection

Make sure your gutters are clean and working correctly. Gutters help pass water from your roof, down and away from your home. When they are clogged with leaves and other organic matter, the water instead runs straight down your home and rest near your foundation. This excess moisture is appealing to termites, causing them to migrate towards the area. Before long, they will have completely infested the area.

In addition to gutter issues, a leaking pipe near the foundation of your home can cause the same type of issue. Make a habit to clean your gutters regularly and inspect the pipes around your home to ensure there aren't any leaks. Any moisture will serve as an attraction point.  

Wood Storage

Avoid storing wood near your home. If you store wood piles near your home's structure, you are basically creating a bridge for the termites to easily access your home. Wood piles provide the termites with both access to food and shelter, making it highly attractive. Once they have taken over the wood pile, your home will be next on the list.

If you must store wood near your home, never store it on the ground. A raised rack that brings it above ground level is the best option. Keep the same concept in mind if you are installing wood lattice work or wood siding around your home - keep everything off the ground.


Mulch is an excellent landscaping addition, but it can also be dangerous. This is especially the case if you are already dealing with a termite infestation. Termites are attracted to mulch because it offers insulation in extreme temperatures and also does an excellent job at retaining moisture.

While you don't have to stop using mulch, you do have to take extra steps to ensure the mulch is never resting directly next to your home. If you have dealt with repeat termite infestations, it might actually be wise to stop using mulch altogether and choose another landscaping option like gravel.

Make sure you are speaking with your pest control specialist about additional ways you can help keep termites away from your home. Contact a business like Tri-County Termite & Pest Control, Inc. to learn more.