Mistakes to Avoid When You Discover Your Home Has Bed Bugs

8 October 2018
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After waking up to a few bites on your arm, you may have started to look at the corners of your bed only to discover the bites were caused by bed bugs. While your first impulse will be to start taking immediate action, make sure you avoid the mistakes below after discovering that your home has bed bugs.

Start Throwing out Your Furniture

One of the first things you may be tempted to do when you find bed bugs in your house is to start throwing out your furniture, especially your beds. However, doing so would be a mistake for a couple of reasons.

First, throwing out your furniture would only get rid of any bed bugs that are on them. Unfortunately, bed bugs can be found anywhere in your home, including your carpets, closets, and even the tiny cracks in your woodwork. 

Second, if your bed bug problem is still confined to only one room, dragging your mattress through your house will only drop them all over the place, causing the population to spread. For now, you should keep your furniture where it sits. Plus, a pest control service may be able to salvage the furniture if you call them as soon as possible after your bed bug discovery.

Plan to Sleep Somewhere Else

Since it is not a good idea to start throwing out your furniture, you may decide to just plan on sleeping somewhere else until you can have a service get rid of them. However, going elsewhere will not help you, since the bed bugs may come with you.

If you go to a friend's house or even a motel, you will bring bags and wear clothes that have been in your house. Bed bugs have a tendency to hide anywhere and everywhere, including the bags and clothes you take with you.

As a result, you will not be getting away from the bed bugs. They will only travel along with you, where they can continue to feed on you as well as infest wherever you take them.

When you find bed bugs in your house, avoid making the mistake of going into a panic and trying to get rid of them yourself. Instead, contact a pest control service, such as Carroll Exterminating Company, to have them inspect your home so they can determine the extent of your bed bug problem. Once the professionals have determined how serious the infestation is, they can give you options for trying to get rid of them.