Suggestions For Humane Control Of Animal Pests On Your Property

28 January 2019
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If you have a problem with raccoons or other animals on your property, you face the problem of how to get rid of them so they don't destroy your attic or spread diseases. Even if you're an animal lover, you don't want wild animals in your house or around your kids and pets. However, you may not want to kill the animal pests either. The solution could be to hire a humane animal control expert to help you deal with the problem in a way that doesn't harm the animals. Here are some things they might recommend.

Eliminate What's Attracting The Animals

If you have a problem with raccoons, there's something on your property that's attracting them. An animal expert can identify what that is so you can eliminate it if possible. First, you should figure out if the animals are just passing through your property when they're out hunting for food at night. If so, they may not be a threat. However, if animals are nesting on your property or hanging around all the time, you want them to move on.

Eliminating their habitat is better than trapping and removing animals like raccoons and possums. Releasing animals in a strange location can put them under stress since they don't know where food is located and other animals may drive them out of their claimed territory. The animal control service will assess your situation and decide on the best way to control the animals, and if possible suggest the changes you need to make. This might include getting rid of yard clutter, mowing down weeds, sealing up a shed, keeping lids on trash cans, and not feeding pets outside.

Exclude The Pests From Your House

Animals already living in your attic can be removed with one-way devices on their entry holes. The animals can leave through the device but then they won't be able to get back inside. These work on animals like bats and raccoons that always leave for food every night. Once all the animals are out, you should make sure they can't get back inside. The animal control service might put metal plates or screens over entry holes and seal up other gaps and cracks so the animals can't get inside easily. By eliminating food, water, and a comfortable nesting place, the animals may give up and move on to a different property where they'll be more comfortable.

Many animal problems can be dealt with humanely whether you have raccoons, bats, rats, or feral cats. An expert has solutions to try that will discourage the animals from getting comfy on your property. In some cases, it might be necessary to kill or remove an animal if it's a danger to your family, but even then, killing can be done in a humane way so the animal doesn't have to suffer. Working with a humane animal control professional, such as from K2 Kritter Solutions, is the best way to get rid of problem animals and it prevents you from using dangerous means like poison that can have dangerous consequences to other wildlife and your pets.