Mice In Your Pantry? Take Steps To Get Rid Of The Pests Here

26 October 2019
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If you live in a sanitary and well-kept home, you might not expect to find rodent droppings in your pantry. But if you do find tiny pellets and other signs of mice in your pantry, you might think your home isn't clean and sanitary enough. It's important to understand that mice can invade even the cleanest, most well-kept homes. Learn more about the mice droppings in your pantry below.

Why Do You Have Mouse Droppings in Your Pantry?

Mice like other rodents scour for grains, meat, and other sources of food. The pests generally hunt for food outside the home. However, mice can trek to your kitchen regularly if they find ample supplies of food in your pantry. 

Mice are tiny enough to squeeze through the crevices in your floorboards and behind your sink. The pests can also chew through hard structures like wood to enter your pantry and kitchen. Unless the population is high, mice will generally come out at night to feed on your pantry items. The rodents usually defecate and urinate on the sources they touch. Mice urine generally smells like ammonia.

Once you detect signs of rodents in your home, act quickly. Mice can multiply very quickly, which may lead to an infestation over time. 

How Do You Keep Mice and Their Droppings Out of Your Pantry?

One of the biggest and most critical steps you can take to get rid of the mice in your home is to contact pest control. Pest control offers a wide variety of measures to get rid of rodents, including traps and poison control. Pest control services may use as many measures as needed to eliminate your mouse problem.

After pest control contractors remove the mice in your pantry and/or kitchen, they'll implement a plan to prevent new mice from entering your house. The plan may include:

  • sealing every crack and crevice in your pantry and kitchen
  • placing traps in your home
  • establishing a regular visitation schedule for your home

If necessary, you may need to clean up your property to help control your mouse problem. Mice can live in old tires, bushes, shrubs, and dead tree stumps. Mice can also live near plumbing fixtures and pipes. All of these locations can provide shelter for rodents and their young.

If you're tired of finding mouse droppings in your pantry or anywhere else in your home, schedule an appointment with pest control services today.