How To Safely Get Rid Of Mice

20 December 2019
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Mice grow to be about 3.5 inches long, which doesn't seem that large, but when one comes scurrying out from beneath your cabinets while you're up in the middle of the night for a drink of water, it might as well be the size of a giant. A mouse in your home is much different than seeing one in a glass enclosure and very different than the famous mouse that also has a castle. If you have mice in your home, it's not going to give you a secure feeling, and you should do what you can to get rid of them immediately. To help you complete this task in a safe manner, read on for helpful tips.

Set Traps With The Right Type Of Bait

Mice like foods such as nuts and cheese, so using cheese and peanut butter are your best options for bait on your traps. Peanut butter takes more work to remove, and will most likely lead to catching a mouse in the trap, although it can get messy using peanut butter. Either bait you use, be sure to place a small amount onto the bait and set the trap near an area where you have either seen live mice or noticed droppings. Baits that are poisonous can be dangerous to use if you have small children or pets. If you have small children or pets, do not use these types of baits to prevent injury.

Set Traps Carefully

Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to set the type of trap you are using. A snap trap is one of the easiest traps to use, although they can easily set when attempting to place them, so watch your fingers. Be sure to place these traps somewhere where they are out of reach of small children and pets.

Remove Mice Carefully

When you do find that you have a mouse caught in your trap, be sure the mouse is dead before you attempt to remove it. If it's still alive, it could bite you, which can lead to injury or even the spread of diseases (as mice carry disease). Make sure to remove the mouse from the trap outside of your home, use thick gloves to prevent a bite, and if you have one, use a grabber tool to take the mouse off of the bait and dispose of it properly.

A mouse may seem like a small pest problem, but when that one mouse becomes an infestation, it's a much bigger problem. Get rid of mice safely, and hire a professional rodent control company for help with this situation to ensure the job is done thoroughly.